Australian Film

Just about everybody wants to change the world. Very people will say they don't (lameos).

I'm no different ... even if it has taken me this long to figre out exactly HOW I'm going to change the world.

But, that's all sorted now.

All figured out *dusts hands smugly*

I'm going to re-invent the Australian film and TV industry. You know, make the rest of the world take notice of our ****.

Australia makes some bloody great shows and movies, and it's time the rest of the world saw this. It's time Australian film and TV (and everyone involved) got the recognition they deserve.

It's time Hollywood was seriously challenged. Hollywood is really only good for summer blockbusters now. Any good Hollywood films of substance are very few and far between. Hollywood has gotten comfortable being basically the only creator of films in the world.

I think it's time all that changed.

Then the world can enjoy some different cinema and TV, that isn't so cliched and predictable.
IdleTraveller IdleTraveller
22-25, F
Aug 2, 2010