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I have always wanted to make a difference in the world. When I was younger my biggest dream was to become the first woman president, but as I grew older I decided I didn't like politics as much as I would need to in order to achieve that goal. I want to make the world into a better place and I think I have determined how I might do so. I guess I don't feel like I will be making a huge difference but I want to build eco friendly houses, and I want to design those houses that I plan to build by using a CAD program on a computer powered by solar electricity. I not only want to build eco friendly homes I want to build eco friendly homes for single parent families, families that have a low income that struggle to make it from pay check to paycheck, I want children, teens, every person to have a stable living environment, so they no longer have to move from house to house to house. I guess I want to be like the people from Extreme Home Maker Over, but with all environmentally friendly resources so I am not only helping the people by providing a stable home but also by helping the environment.

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Online fundraising pages at Crowdrise. Raise money online for over 1.5 million charities with personal fundraising pages, charity fundraisers, and internet fund-raising campaigns. Easy fundraising ideas and volunteer community.<br /> Please go there to start your campaign and you will receive response from ALL OVER THE WORLD asap! very effective and bless your heart for all you are doing and goig to do. it will impact communities and make a huge difference to your life and space you are living. space tech/ space management will be part of your vision too. all my love for your projects and remember to do one for me too; Roof Over My head (u may name this project as such!)

That is really great that you want to help those in need as much as you say you do. What also might help get something like that accomplished is having those that need the houses built, asking them for what ever help they can provide, and like what others have said see about charities that are already established in your area and see what they say.

Start simple and small. Find a charity that is doing something close to what you want to do and do some volunteer work. If you really like it and find you can make a difference, try to get a job at that charity. From what you describe it might be hard to find something that is exactly what you want. Remember you might have to start out just helping get housing for single parents...then try to build up support among others you are working with to go ECO friendly. <br />
<br />
It is a marathon not a sprint.

No like actual 3 or 4 bedroom houses that can actually fit a normal sized family in it, I know how small they are I actually want them to be able to live comfortably. I lived in a 3 bedroom trailor with 10 people plus family that decided to crash at my place almost every single weekend, school break, or chance they had. Trust me I know what a tight living situation is.

"families that have a low income" <br />
like those 26 sqm condo units usually being offered these days, it's like a large bathroom