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Children International

I grew up in an environment of mixed emotions and feelings...  We had drug dealers and ex-convicts...  I was in a situation where my parents thought it might be best for me to talk to the ex-convicts, and the "safer" drug pushers and users that they knew. 

I was getting into trouble all of the time, and we had a Christian Ministry where we would drive through the slums of town spreading The Word...  Perhaps if I were to talk with the people who have been there / done that, maybe something would sink in and I would actually learn something...  We helped out people who needed it by giving them food, shelter, and sometimes just a blanket, or the kindness of a few words...

I still got into trouble, but I also got involved in a program called "Save the Children".  I was a kid myself in jail...  I was locked up from the age of 14 to the age of 27 - that's another story...  But my foster father was somewhat well off, and he sent me money every week.  I used my money to buy the normal stuff from the commissary runs, but always sent out a check for $50.00 every month.  The girl that I was sponsoring grew up to be a successful nurse in Rwanda.  She is currently working with UNICEF doing God knows what trying to help people.  I haven't spoken to her since long before I was released...  She has her own life, but it was all possible from trying to help make the world a better place.  They call themselves "Children International" now, and I make occasional donations still to this day.  People should support them, as they really do help the children around the world.

I also contribute to the Disabled American Veterans...  I believe that they have all come upon their disability trying to fight to keep us from all speaking some foreign language, or worse yet, being loaded into trucks to be executed because if we can't obey our own laws how could they expect us (some of us) to obey their laws?  We are so fortunate that these people went out and fought for our freedom...  Everyone who can should support them.  I wish that I didn't have the responsibilities that I do have so that I could actually help out physically, but all of my time is taken most of the day doing other necessary things...

I still go around and help out the people who live on the streets, when I can.  I picked up this one guy who was wondering if I could give him a ride to Georgetown...  I asked if he was hungry, and he was famished...  So we went to the Furrs Cafeteria that is right up the street, had a good meal, with some carry out, and I gave him a ride to where he needed to be.  I gave him a $20 and told him to get whatever he liked, on me...  He was happy and I felt good for helping someone out.  I have always been friendly with people, and always seem to be able to tell if they are good or not - as to how far I can trust them...  Which is another problem all together...  Thanx alot Theodore.

You can make the world a better place for someone just by being a friend.  sometimes there are people on the streets, or in the mall - or even at the shopping market where you get your groceries...  Just say "hi, I like your hair"  or something about the shirt they are wearing...  It does make a difference.  And the Salvation Army guy standing by the door?  He's trying to collect change to help out people who are sleeping in a gymnasium...  At least say hi to him and let him know that what he is doing is a good thing - if you have the change, help him out...  A few pennies is better than nothing at all...
MichaelDuMaine MichaelDuMaine 36-40, M 2 Responses Dec 25, 2011

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Thank you very much for reading it, and for the wonderful comment! ;)

I loved this post! It is so nice to see that people are still helping others out. :) I am very proud of what you are doing Michael! I enjoy helping others as well. I try to do as much as I can. I want to make a difference as well in the world. Keep doing what you are doing! :)