So for the past couple of days I have been hearing how my friends and family's lives are completely in the ******* do to events of either there doing or just plain bad luck. From relationships to financial, I am amazed how miserable a human being can be without taking action to alleviate the problem. And then I began to look at all the things that are bad in my life right now. You wanna know what came to me? That my life is **** too! Lol only difference is that instead of screaming it to the world or allowing myself to become depressed by it I just shrug it off and keep up with my normal routine. I know this is not one of the best solutions in the world and in the end I will most likely pay for the lack of motivation to fix all the problems I have wrong with me, but I figure so long as I do one thing at a time and keep my burdens light I will eventually get my head back above the water. I see no problem pushing everything else aside for the moment so that I can just worry about one thing at time.
Well I suppose the things I decide to fix can be better prioritized but I figure that I am still young and so long as I can continue to work on my problems and attempt to fix them as they come along I can eventually get to where I need to be. In the mean time. I will pay my bills to the best of my ability, work on finishing my degree and do my job as well as I can.
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Good for you, a wise lifestyle


Yes I think thats the best any of us can do. I have just watched a semi autobiographical film by an Aborigine director. As a youth he worked for a radio station and played requests for people in prison, also made coffee for down and outs. One day it got too much for him, the poverty and violence and he threw all his radio equipment out the door and walked out. But when he calmed down he returned retrieved his equipment and played another record.<br />
This guy is now an amazing film maker.

nice thanks