What Happened?

I write this as I'm sitting on my bed, studying to become a doctor. But I sit here questioning my future because last night, my parents told me they became doctors themselves for financial security and social status. Do not imagine a girl with daddy issues. My parents are amazing people and my best friends, but their story made me wonder: if amazing people like them grew to become selfish, where will I end up? Even worse, where will the world end up? I recently decided to join the peace corps to prove to myself that I will make a better world, or at least make this world better for someone who needs to see a brighter day. Proud of my decision, I announced it to my friends, but they asked me why I would ever sacrifice my youth helping others, instead of focusing on my own future. Is this what we built this world for? Selfishness, greed? I refuse to admit that. I will do everything in my power to show those people there is still compassion, honesty, and love in the world. Not by my own actions, but by the smiles and actions of the people I will attempt to touch. Ever studied how a simple virus can cause a mass epidemic? Isn't it strange that evil can spread so easily, but good needs to fight its way into your heart? I know there will always be misery in the world. It's not necessarily a bad thing, because it's when we face misery head on, and help others through it that we live a full life. I won't settle for the mediocre life of a housewife. I want more from my life. I will have more. Wether I become a doctor, a wife, a mother, or even if I get none of those things, I will be happy if I don't lose myself. I will never give up nor listen to those people who tell me to stop wasting my time. We shape our world, we control it. If I choose to act this way today, maybe tomorrow more people will join me. Instead of classifying humanity into groups, and dividing ourselves, why can't we reach out to each other? Sometimes it's ok to ask for help. Sometimes it's ok to help, even if we're not asked.
sb89 sb89
18-21, F
Mar 26, 2012