I Don't Know Who I Am Or What My Purpose Is

ok so im 17 and i dropped high school a few months back. i always felt like i didnt belong so i left. i dont have a job. all i do is stay at home and research stuff online. I've been doing that for a few months now. my so called friends that i had in high school dont talk to me or even bother to visit. but hey, friends come and go right? but still, why me? i feel like what i'm doing is right but it looks wrong to society. i smoke a lot of weed. and no its not a drug, its a plant. i feel like everyday of my life is a deja-vu moment. like if i've already lived this life before. im an atheist btw...... so yea, if anyone can relate to this, please do.... i feel so lonely sometimes, like if i'm the only one......
truthserum7 truthserum7
1 Response May 8, 2012

In a week or two..my situations is going to be just like yours yihaaa<br />
Stay calm,,just need to figure out whats your next step