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I Hope

I hope with all my might, my heart, and my willingness to make a difference in this world.

If that means turning my experiences, my mistakes into stories and sharing it accross the world for people to listen to even learn from me then I would feel as if I fulfilled the reason why I was brought to this world. I have so much I want to do and I pray that everyting that I go through now and may go through in the future will all come into good use for when god chooses to help me put my stamp in this world.

I've always had big hopes and dreams and I hope that I get the chance to follow through with everything I want to do.

I've been raped, I've been in a disguisting absuive relationship, and I have agoraphobia and if I can turn my life experiences into something that can help people not go through what I've gone through THEN THIS IS WHAT I WILL DO!

From being raped from a own family member was a life changing experience I could never forget. This is why I hope that I can build a house with lots of rooms to provide for kids and women, men of all ages to come to who are being sexually abused by family members or even rape victims to come and know that they are secure and safe. To feed them meals, to give them an education, and most importantly give them a place they can call home without even hesitating or worry that something such as being raped or sexual abused can happen. I just want to provide a "safe place" a place to be accepted, cared, and loved for. This is probably top priority on my list

I then want to want to make a difference in the world of relationships. I just hope that by sharing my story of mental abuse, jealousy, recentfulness, anger, unhappiness, and most importantly lonliness can help open the eyes of those who are going through what I've gone through and to know that being in a relationship doesn't have to feel that way. You don't have to go through that to finally be loved. I just want to talk I want to share my experiences, my stories and to make an impact in someones life.

As an addition to my want to be a motivational speeker. I hope that one day I can meet agoraphobics all around this world and help lead a healthier, fearless life to live the life that god has handed us. I'm still not over it but I know one day I will be not even fully over it and I've accepted that but to be ablet o control my life and do things I never could do again is what I know I can use and show people that this isn't a condition that takes away life but gives it back to you with a better understanding of who we were suppose to be because of what we've gone through.

I just hope that one day. I CAN MAKE THAT DIFFERENCE.
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You have such a pretty beautiful soul. I'm attracted to your heart more then anything else! <3

you are an inspiration in people lives already . *wraps my arms around your heart * like you have done with me and everybody on here . now do me one favor .<br />
Put your right hand over your left shoulder and your left hand over your right shoulder . then squeeze hard . That is a hug from me to you ! <br />
i also agree with you . if a person can be happy . if you can reach out to somebody who is down and out make them happy . then that day is rewarding . fulfilled . <br />
never change , stay sweet .

I don't disagree with one word you said (I've sent several hugs her way from SC)

Anything you can put your mind to it you can do, The mind is the most powerful weapon/tool....

I've had my struggles with depression/anxiety/loneliness and your ability to (like the Andy Grammer song says) "Keep your head up" is something I really admire...I sense a difference your warm-heartedness has made and while I am not able to fully verbalize it, I sense a difference strong enough for me to lift it up in a prayer of thanksgiving on a a couple of occasions<br />
<br />
and as an addendum, if you ever speak somewhere where I can feasibly make it, it would be totally worth it for me to attend (and even share a real hug)