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Well It's Up To You Now

It is time for your first timid steps
To reach towards what you will be
Your greatness, your mark, your stage.

Believe in little steps
For they lead to leaps and leaps to journeys
Your journey needs your ideas and your inspirations and your energy
They are the engines of your future.

Believe in your smile
It lights up the way that you need to go.
Seek those that bring it forth
For they will hold your light when you need it most.

Believe in the space that you carved in my heart
It lives without limit, proof of your worth.
There will be a million spaces in a million hearts
As you touch others like you've touched me.

Believe in my presence in your world
Like the cliff, immovable
As your waves return with the tide
With the treasure of your travels

Believe enough to let go
For my gravity only holds you back now
You don't need be the difference the world needs
For you are already the difference I needed.
geetar39 geetar39 46-50, M 10 Responses Jun 3, 2012

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Thank you for sharing that poem of encouragement.

Favorite thing you have written i think! Amazing <3

Thanks. I gave it to my daughter. She didn't say much about it. We have always been close so so I think she just shrugged it off. She would prefer a concert over a poem though.

I enjoyed this very much...thanks!

Oh this is beautiful!

I hope you showed her this. I could have used something like it at that time in my life. A father's love will be a girl's example.

A very poignant poem about growing up. Makes me think of my dad, too.

Wow! Nicest piece I have read in a while. Poignant. Heartfelt. Exquisite. A favourite now.

Beautiful tribute...good dad.

So beautiful.....Like always, what you write is powerful....<br />
<br />
I really loved this part...<br />
"Believe in my presence in your world<br />
Like the cliff, immovable"<br />
<br />
It supports what I've said all along....YOU ROCK!! :)

My head is made of rocks so you must be right.

I don't believe that for one tiny second.... I've always said and still stand by the thought that you're a really awesome sort of person. You can't hide it, even if you try, cause it shines right thru every word you type..... :)

wow - that was brilliant, i like it! All we have to do is just believe.