Let Us Start A Worldwide Project To Make A Difference

Hello. I am a 17 years old teenager. Since I was 13 years old, I always dreamed of making a difference in the world. I always wanted to push our world to the better. I am the type of a person who would do anything to make something happen. I am willing to help with anything about anything as long as it makes a difference in the world! Therefore, I was thinking over and over of a way in which I can make a difference. However, I still didn't find a proper one. Therefore, I was thinking, since there are a lot of people here who want to make a difference, why won't we all work together to achieve something? We are all from different parts of the world with different abilities and talents. Then, why don't we start a world wide project to make a difference? That would be amazing if we can do it. First of all, lets see who is willing to help, and then we will decide on the topic and other things together? What do you think? Who is in with me?

Thank you <3 Together, lets make a difference!
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Hello there,
Are you still around ?
Have you read the book, "I am Malala" ? I think that it would inspire you. Malala is 17 !!

I certainly want to make a difference but, at the age of 77, I haven't given up.
A UK company is threatening to take me to court for telling the truth. I shall probably conduct my own case and tell the court that this is true justice. The law should not be the preserve of mainly rich people.

All the best.
Peter x

any luck? -ya didnt lose the motivation did ya? --though any particular project ideas may have changed.. i hope you are still being active on the topic.
here is a link to kickstart.. the funding co-op. (excuse me if ya already know of … -then again this format is especially useful for those only viewing.. right?) ;-)


I am with you, so let's do something about it!

We need a place to communicate, seeing as we are from all over the world we can start up a group chat of some sort. Once we have that done that is our community where anyone that wants to join can, but we all have to bring something to the table, a skill or an idea.

We all say we want to make a difference, we all want change in the world we live in; we all just sit back and let it all happen. Let's make a change!

Click the heart or reply button if anyone wants to take further steps, I will check back within the next few weeks and if I have a positive response then I will create the group chat and include the link on here.

We will---
its just sometimes hard to get started but thats why were all here!!!

Hi,I want to make a difference and in agreement with you.