I want to write stories for children.

True stories, about journeys and transformations .

Stories that inform but also may inspire children to be more interested in nature and to be kind to animals.

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 My neighbours own a beautiful, dark brown greyhound called Lia.

She used to be a working race dog. Every day she was forced to follow a strict exercise regime and she slept on a cold concrete floor. She had never been shown any kindness.

When Lia fell and injured her leg on the track she was heartlessly abandoned.

 But fortunately Lia was rescued by Bob and Sara who took her home and gave her lots of loving care.

I see Lia every morning in the field where I walk my dog .. she is now a picture of heath and  happiness.


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9 Responses Feb 15, 2009

Now I am really intrigued!

Thank you Ladee, it is indeed a true story and she is a gorgeous very gentle loving dog xx

This one might not!

Thank you! Frogs always make me smile:)

Thank you datura .. I have a story about a very fat frog that I will share with you personally! (not sure it's uplifting though.. )

You do write beautifully and I can't wait to purchase a signed copy of your first childrens book. The world needs more uplifting stories.

Hallo papertulips .. thank you x

Thank you Princess and Sleepless34 .. I love stories with happy endings

every bad situation has a opened door to a good changing. It is good story for think about our lifes too... thank you very much for sharing this beautiful story. hugs*