So I Ll Say What I Ve Learned..

Nothing is easy.Yet is a challenge we have to try for the best.There is a medicine and that is Hope.Hope we can do anything we want.Hope we can be happy.Happy to make our dreams come true sooner or later.We all deserve to be happy,all we need is to believe in ourselves.I ve come across many special people on ep were i learned a lot and i m grateful for that.I ve learned that the past is behind,some bad-its part of our lives-we have to think about the good things.About mistakes:we all make mistakes,as u can forgive others,forgive urself too.I ve learned also that no matter what some people think about me i have to accept who i am,true friends always are near and understand.No matter what happens dont guit.Even if u feel it,just stand up,even if its hard.And smile.There is nothing more bright to see someone smile :)

many hugs to all*

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Forgiving is a big one. I was a person who was way too hard on myself. Forgiving saved my life.

i have to remember too what i write :)

You are wonderful.

if it wasn"t for are mistakes we would never learn i agree.

i thank u for ur comment :)

you are a true angel some day i hope that i am on your cloud you are a angel of hope that brings life thank you so much.


Beautifully written! Your words hit home and encourage me to move forward always!

:) hugs*i am, i am!

Angel - this is a wonderful story, I loved it all. I think you ended on what I agree with most of all, "And smile.There is nothing more bright to see someone smile :)"<br />
<br />
I know I am smiling now! I hope you are too! <br />
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(((Hugs))) x infinity and beyond! :)

u r welcome*

Lovely story .. thank you

i had to write it for others and me also..

i know we often forget it,but we just have to...copy it and save in our minds :)<br />
<br />
thanxs flourlady,hugs*

very good story i am glad you put in the part about loving yourself this is so important-hugs!

you are very special, very optimistic, thank you for reminding me of that special and important word that often becomes forgotten.

thank u,many hugs**

I couldn't put it any better than shine said so eloquently! All of us on this earth are creatures of fellowship and love. Your inner beauty will draw the one to you, you were meant to share the most precious part of your life with. All of your friends are here to lift you up, when you need it. <br />
<br />
HUGGS!<br />
<br />

:) thanxs

i know its hard to see..but ignore thoughts that tell u the opposite,just try to think something else..i m going to do the best and i truly mean it..u can do it too shine,i know u can :)