I've trained sense I was 10 for the navy SEALs. But now I'm being told that I can't enlist because of medical complications that I went through operations for so I could enlist, and I've done all this training and grown and learned so much, but it was all wasted, it's sad, because I would give anything to protect my country and the ones I love. But idk what to do now.
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Your country are probably very grateful to you for wanting to protect it but maybe it's the universes sign protecting you from war or a sign it's going to present you with a new path x

What medical complications? And maybe try another branch ik it might not be the same but try the marines or something

I had 2 open heart operations when I was first born, and another smaller operation when I was 13 and I just had another small one over the summer

Why should that stop you? Don't let it that's not fair keep working and prove them wrong I'm sure it can't keep you from every branch it might not be navy seals but I'm sure you'll be able to get into atleast one that just isn't right

I'm still trying to get in, and I have proved them wrong already

Okay I don't know why I responded to myself but just pretend that was for you^

Keep doing it don't let it stop you things will turn out good in the end :) good luck

Thank you

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You can still be enlisted by getting a degree then signing up for military.. but you wont be on the field though.. you'll be behind the lines.. or something like that.. not sure though..

Thank you and I know what you mean

What about the police academy you could still protect people that way

Thanks for the suggestion, but I've tried it, I'd have to go through more school, also one of the reasons I started training was because it was my dad's dream, he wanted me to be the soldier he couldn't be, and I've always been determined to make him proud,