I want to make a difference and help people, any ideas?
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you could help the homeless, make up some food rations for them, could be a bit dangerous since your a girl but not if you could take a friend along with you,and let an adult know where about you will be going and what time you will be back. just seen a video not to long ago of a barber who goes around offering the homeless free haircuts. helps them with where they are at in their lives, seen one response where the homeless guy looked in the mirror then ask the barber guy if he knew anywhere that is hiring. personally i think homelessness is one of the most important things this country needs to focus on for humanity, not all homeless are druggies, and believe it or not most became that way from not finding another job, and not having anyone left to rely on or help them through that tough time. just a suggestion, sorry this post turned into a rant but hey you did ask.. lol :P

Thanks!!!! great idea!!!

Think about what things are important to you, what values you have. Then find a nonprofit whose mission aligns with that and offer to volunteer.

I help kids in the hospitals and cheer them up!!!!

Look up volunteer opportunities in your area. Old age homes, soup kitchens, the local YMCA, the possibilities are endless.

great ideas!!!!

woah lol huh i nvr though i would find someone else who would like to change the world sweeeet

yeah theres people out there and I am one of them lol

same here lol

The help out at a Dog Shelter.
Or.. help an old lady - do her shopping for her........
Their are many organizations around that you can join.
Also connect with your peaceful inner self and bright up the lives of your family and friends.
Be your own best friend too.
Quote for you:

If you are seeking creative ideas, go out walking. Angels whisper to a man when he goes for a walk. Raymond Inmon

These are all great ideas! thanks!!!!