What If...

What if we stopped our jobs,stopped everything and look around us,smile and hold hands?What if money didnt exist and we exchange things?What if we stopped everything and holding hands start dancing?Wouldnt it be great?Wouldnt it be beautiful?What if we could travel free and go to poor countries giving to people what they need?help..care..love..What if we put everywhere posters ''Everything can change-Smile''?What if u saw balloons falling from the sky?Forget u are grown up,forget ur jobs,look around and be happy?And whoever is in bed,in hospital,take them from hand and make them see outside of the window..Or u,that something happened and u cant forget..or u that thought death is a solution..or u that thought drinking can make u forget..learn from what happened..learn and teach others that everything can change..stop everything,look around and smile.Try to see..You feel alone,talk to others,smile again..You are not alone..You feel afraid?Or feel crying?Talk to someone,give them a hug..You feel u cant take it anymore?Stand up on ur feet coz u r stronger than u think.. Love and hugs to everyone*
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:) hehe yeah!!!

They should make a worldwide day for this... at least. Where people do all of it on that day :P nobody is allowed to work... working will be punished with a fine, as big as the money you got form working on that day!!! :D

i mean it,if that happened it would be great..<br />
thanxs,u are special*dreaming can do a lot and i m sure all people can do it

Arh but you don't say how long we would stop our jobs for. If it was only for a brief time and we did take time to look around and take everythingin, then perhaps we could become better in so many different ways.<br />
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Unfortunately the modern world has grown to the love of greed. Money conquers all and all fall subject to it. It is indeed a major part of our life that we can't abandon, or can we? Exchanging instead of paying would be far better. Not only would we gain new skills and meet new people, but it would solve alot of problems that exist in our day to day lives. But, then again it could create more problems with no solution in sight.<br />
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The words you type always surprise me as to what a wonderful and caring individual you trully are. We can't forget beautiful and wise aswell. <br />
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You ask and answer many questions with your words. Your ideas may be frowned upon by many or by so few. But atleast you have dreams and ideals. Many these days can't dream or think about the greater good but you have it in you. That makes you special =) Keep it up.

i know..

Angels, it is a great sentiment and would be wonderful if life was that way. But life can be a cold and indifferant thing. So we need to be strong enough to survive the bad so that we are here to enjoy the good.

hmm..ok but just think it would be wonderful..maybe some days we could stop everything and JUST DO SOMETHING..hm?

I agree with Damascus, you are so sweet and lovely but there was a time when people started thinking that way, please google hippies and what they stood for, and what happened to them.<br />
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It was tried and failed.

This isn't very realistic. If people stopped working, the economy would fail and we would starve because nobody would bring food to supermarkets XD People have to work, unless we build robots to do everything for us. <br />
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I am for the happy happy world but it can't be done just by quitting your job and helping random people.