Honesty is the best Policy

Lies that destroy Lives

There are so many lies these days.  Lies in the Government. Lies in the Corporate World. Lies in relationships.

It seems the more honest a person is, the less likely they will become a success at life. I know this isn't true....which therefore proposes the conflict that even these statements that are made aren't true.

It is time for people to stand up and be 'honest'. Honesty about their past, their mistakes, their lives and even their accomplishments. Rather than provoking others to anger or in some cases retaliation, we need to realize that  life isn't all about what size you wear or how big a bank account is. Life isn't all about what "I" can do for "me" or what "You" can do for "you" all the time.

Life is about learning and loving.  Life is about associating by meeting other people's needs. Life is about going beyond a persons' own prideful self. Life is experiencing and deeply regarding another's possible less fortunate existence. Life is about going beyond a person's known liturgical existence.

In point, Life isn't all about You or Me...it is a balance of learning that life comprises you and me and others. We are all created to learn that we do not exist independently of each other, but rather, are 'each' part of the whole.

Lies break down people, neighborhoods, communities, cities, states and eventually nations .

Truth builds up and encourages everyone.  It starts with You and Me and Others and it will end the same way.

It is my humble opinion.

classyclaws classyclaws
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4 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Simply Put...Well said!

Honesty is it's own reward in that liars are always eventually found out, and honest people build honour and character with their consistency ...

I couldn't agree with you more, Classyclaws!<br />
I have been told that I'm "too honest for my own good"; but its so against my nature to be deceptive; and I find it a real pain to have to always be trying to figure out other peoples' agendas when they interact wth me... it makes life so complicated! and dicey!

I thiink we are sick of Goverment and Corporate lies .. <br />
<br />
Inspiring story