This Can Change the World

Dear Friends,

If you’ve ever wanted to make a positive difference in the world, please follow these 3 steps:

1. Register at

2. Do the real-life activities you enjoy or get involved in the causes you care about

3. Have fun and connect with people who share your interests.

Why you should do this?’s mission is to Make the World a Better Place. And we’re betting you share that same dream. We live at critical point in our collective history. NOW is the time to make a personal, social and global difference. What we do as People, individually and as a community, will Ripple into the future. is dedicated to making the process of making a positive difference accessible, relevant, and fun.

We believe that making a difference can be as easy as doing the activities you regularly enjoy or getting involved in things you care about. So, whether you’re into Running, Cylcing, Art, Cooking/Dining, helping the Environment, Volunteering, Video Games, Donating Blood, or just meeting other people with the same interests, you can make a difference each day with Every mile ran or biked, each cooking or environmental Challenge completed, each game played, each deliberate act of kindness performed, etc. counts and is tracked! — And there are even PRIZES to win every week!

How and Why are we doing this?

We’re a group of friends who just want to make a difference. So we pulled our resources together and donated our time and energy to build We’re not funded by big venture capital. And we don’t have a big budget for marketing. But that’s OK. We believe in what we’re doing. And we know that there are enough people out there who care and want to make a difference. And our hope is that this message will move you to signup and start spreading the word.


Do you like receiving or giving Hugs?

We have recently launched the Make A Difference Hug Drive. Using the hug cards (printable and electronic versions), we are able to track how many hugs are given. We are asking companies to make pledges at certain hug levels to support the causes our members care about. Each hug counts! Imagine, making a difference with each hug…


How does make a difference?

A portion of every dollar we will EVER earn goes to supporting nonprofit partners like the American Cancer Society, American National Red Cross, United Way, Feed the Children, and other causes elected by our members. Also, we’re creating a new kind of social experience that is meaningful and enjoyable for people and which has the awesome side effect of Making the World a Better Place. is currently available only in the US, but we are looking to expand globally once we reach 1,000,000 US members.  We’re starting this movement from home.

What you can do now…

Complete Step 1 above. Then, send a virtual hug to your friends, family, and anyone who has ever wanted to make a difference. Help spread the word.


Let’s move together one person and one small action closer to the kind of life and world we’ve dreamed about. The more people who join, the bigger the revolution will be…

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! <br />
We can make the world a better place!<br />
I admit sometimes it gets me down because I feel so alone wanting to make a difference. People don't believe one person can make a difference, they don't realize the snowball effect it can have.<br />
I'm happier now. Thanks again