I Want to Make a Difference

One thing I am really fond of in this big ugly world is children. I love their innocence, their unbound enthusiasm to enjoy life. The one thing that really hurts me, is to watch on streets, abandoned children, to watch in "orphanages", children being treated as a burden, as out casts, as a piece of filth.

I want to make a difference starting with the one thing I believe makes this world human, i.e, children. I have a dream. Of building a home. A home for children. Where they grow, unhindered by the dirty games played by the rest of the world. Where they learn to believe in themselves, that they can contribute immensly to the betterment of this world. Where they feel, that they belong.

Yes, I want to build a home - for children, for old, for animals - a home everyone can call their own. Where everyone can feel they belong. Where everyone feel loved. Where everyone feel they can make a difference.

unchainedmelody unchainedmelody
26-30, F
2 Responses Dec 7, 2006

You have zeroe'd in on the essence of this issue. I can tell you truly have a heart for this, and no matter what effort you make each day, you ARE making a difference. This story you posted has energy, and makes me believe that as time goes on, you will continue to make a difference. Every day you think and talk about it, is the closer you will get to making your 'home' a reality. Doors will open, opportunities will appear. Long story short, I believe in you.