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For some reason, all night yesterday, I have been thinking about what I have to do, to make a difference, the way I choose to. I know my destiny, just at loss of direction. Now that I have started thinking about it much more seriously then ever before, I have made a start. A real start. I will be sitting over the next few days, mulling over what is needed, and write down a plan. I know it will take me more than a decade to realise my dream. But I know I have the ability to make my dream a reality. I have out one more baby step in that direction. It'll need all the time and energy I can put into it. Not only my time and energy, but that of all those wonderful people who think alike.

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3 Responses Dec 25, 2006

Good for you! <br />
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We live in the world of the physical and nothing happens in this world until you DO something. All the wants in the world will not change a thing. I promise you there would be no starvation if a want had any power because the hungry surely WANT to eat.<br />
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I believe we are THE CREATOR. I believe there is nothing that is not the creator. The Toltec (a native American Indian group) taught thousands of years ago long before Christ that in the beginning before life God was all that was. God could not feel the wind because he was the wind. He could not see the beauty of a sunrise because he was the sunrise. So in order to experience creation, he divided himself in half and in that very moment Duality was born. There was now a here, a there and the in between. Before this there was only one. God then exploded one of his halves into billions of pieces of consciousness. This consciousness became life. We are that consciousness. We are the creator experiencing creation.<br />
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Whether you choose this philosophy or not is up to you but in a very real way YOU ARE THE CREATOR. You are the creator of your own personal reality. I believe we all have unlimited power to create. We are all artist and our art is our story. The story of who we believe we are. A dancer dances because she believes she is a dancer. A painter paints because he believes he is a painter. You too are exactly what you believe you are.<br />
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What ever your dream DO IT! Don't think about it. Don't say, "I wish", "I want" get up and do it! To achieve anything in this physical world you must move some molecules. I know you will create the vision you decide to create because you are THE CREATOR. Go create!<br />
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Wishing you inner peace, love and happiness,<br />

So, some may ask, "So if in the beginning God was all, what is the difference from then and now"? I say to them...Nothing. God is still all but now there is life and we have experience. Please note my concept of god goes way beyond a human like deity that sits in a place of judgement of man. This is a god I want no part of. For this god is angry, vengeful and unloving. My god is LOVE.

Good for you! Even a walk around the world goes one step at a time, right? Your love for children is such a powerful driving force, I KNOW you will be making a difference every step of the way. Do not allow the trials of any individual step or day in the life to deter you from this destiny. The children of this world need angels like you, I know you won't let them down. God grant you peace and focus as you outline your plan and continue taking the steps along that path. Each step can't be prescribed, sometimes you will be surprised at the opportunities that will appear before you. Every day you respond to your heart will surely be another step forward. I feel your energy in your words and respond in kind with all the positive energy I have to support you on your journey.

I always try to receive some kind of direction from my inner self, but I have no clue as to go about it

how to get direction from inner self? the principles in THINK AND GROW RICH by Hill have been tried with success.