Turning Dreams Into Reality

The greatest gift that God has endowed us with, is our ability to dream and our ability to think. To dream about something that is larger than life. To think about how to make our dreams a reality. The greatest gift we can give to mankind, is to help someone dream. To give them a life, free of prejudices. And full of love. For the most beautiful dreams are that of the innocent mind. And minds remain innocent when free of intolerance and prejudices. Amidst love and compassion, minds will bloom like a spring flower.
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2 Responses Dec 26, 2006

I REALLY enjoyed this piece! I like how you put it! And I agree with Atmore! :) <br />
The only thing left to do is SHOW the people how to carry out your written words! ;)

Amen, sister. You are in a groove and right on target. Truth is a powerful thing, and I believe you are in touch with the greater truth of what all of humankind is capable of. Sail on!