A Start

I am happy today. A start has been made towards realising my dream. Yes, it has a name. The HappiHippo Project. Its a four winged project. Its a small start with 2 members so far, but a start nevertheless. But the plans are big. From 2 members, we plan to reach atleast 100 full time members by the end of a decade. Also, a little building where we can kick off our project. And some money needed as investment. Hopefully by the end of ten years atleast one of the wings will start to flutter.

unchainedmelody unchainedmelody
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2 Responses Jan 17, 2007

Hi, I would like to know much more about this dream you have about children and whats going on in the project now..Its been my dream for many long nights and see myself later giving myself to helping needy children realise the dreams of their lives..please get in touch with me on the email muriungi2001@yahoo.com I have a dream too and am glad somehting is unfloding in your dream already...I hope to read back from you soon... julius

This comment is 6 months later. So, how is the buisness going??!!