How To Make A Difference

The phrase, "I want to make a difference" has been so over-used that it has become something of a cliche. It can sometimes sound so vague and so hollow that if you say it, you sound like either a politician or a Miss America contestant. That's why I want to explain what it means to me, as well as how it can help others to, well, make a difference.
In order to make a difference, you have to find out what talents, skills, abilities, strengths, and personality traits you have that most people don't have. You might be a good writer or public speaker, you might be mechanically adept, you might be a good cook, you might be good at working with young children, you might have a good memory, you might excell at sports, you might be a great conversationalist who can talk to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and get anyone to talk to you. I could go on, but I think you get my drift. The next step is to put yourself in a situation that will showcase, maximize, and allow you to develop that strength. You must get people to recognize your talents, but you cannot be doing it for any kind of vain glory or self-promotion. You don't have to necessarily be some super-altruistic, social activist, "do-gooder", but you do need to have the desire to share your talent and use it to help other people.
Once you identify what you're good at, find a situation that will let you apply those talents, and become known for being good at something, then I can almost guarantee that good things will happen. If you can somehow translate your talent into a way to earn money or have a successful career, then that's even better! More power to you!
I read so many negative stories that I just wanted to write something positive for a change. I hope people will find this enlightening and inspiring.

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I love this:P You know so much....thank you:P