My Cause :)

So I own my own semi-established screen printing business called Ashtro Screen Printing and Design and I wanted to do something with it that was for a good cause. For the past couple of months I have been working on a project I call Truffula Clothing. Its a line of indie style clothing designed by yours truly, printed on all organic cotton. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Save The Earth foundation and id like to earn enough of money to evolve into a fully eco-friendly operation. Meaning all of the chemicals, inks and materials used are eco-friendly.

It would be a great help if any if you could like/share my page on Facebook:

Feel free to check out the line here:

Any input, ideas and comments would be much obliged.:)

I want to do something to help give back. I would love for truffula to become a community of art, purpose and cause.
I thank in advance anyone who supports my project and helps it to grow.

Thank you!! <3
skiescollide skiescollide
22-25, F
Dec 3, 2012