Well, i'm not much the drinker these days. I've been through that movie before. I had already thought out the rules, though, in some basic way.


Just to keep it fresh....

If the junkie is an alcoholic - take a vote.

If they're addicted to an upper - it's vodka.

If they're addicted to a downer - it's whiskey

If they're addicted to gambling... well, just dont ******* watch that episode. It's most likely boring.

If they're over-eaters then it's a beer-match.


Anyway, the rules are simple. Everyone takes one shot to start off depending on the number of syllables of the addict's name. Hopefully nobody named Jebediah will be on any time soon if you're looking forward to playing this game. That's 4 shots right at the get go.


From there on out the rules are simple. Everytime someone cries or relapses it's a shot for everyone. Or, depending on the severity of the episode you can assign teams. One team drinks on relapse or use. One team drinks on tears.


Yes, its morbid and twisted. If you just suddenly realized that i'm a bad person then you must not have read my other stories. If you already knew I am then you're probably in my Circle. Welcome back, friends.


Tongue firmly in cheek,


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4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

HA. nice logo.

haha. Wow, that would be exciting. i'm not sure about the rule addendum for that.

What if they're a sex addict --- could you play a ***** version of this game???

Yes, that's wrong and morbid in ways, but so damn funny. I would only play if with my bestest of friends were with me.