The Plan

  1. Best Body I can have I will exercise more, eat right and drink more water. I want to have the best body I can have.
  2. Drop as many negative things from my life as possible.
  3. Meet a guy that meets my standards (intelligent, caring, thinks of others first, extremely attractive at least to me, open minded, and devoted to me)
  4. Discover new ways I can help slow learners (children with learning disabilities)I want to make a difference for the ones in my class at least.
  5. Buy a logcabin in Tennessee This will happen. A two story cabin with room for my family and anyone else I want to stay with me. A beautiful view with a stream nearby. A stone fireplace. A cozy warm feel. Beautiful.
36-40, F
2 Responses Jul 21, 2009

You go girl. (don't forget to crank your neck) :-) paco

Sounds like a great list.