What My Only Person Taught Me

The only person who ever understood me was a psychologist I met five years ago. He is an INFP and gave me the Meyers Briggs test so he would know best how to help me. He is also a Zen Buddhist, and the only person I think ever understood me, almost. What he taught me about making lists is that 80% of what you write down comes true, he taught me about the law of attraction, how to meditate, meridian tapping, all kinds of neat stuff. What I want to share is, when making a list of what makes us happy, which I think is really awesome; but to be so grateful for those things and think of what we want as if we already have it and be grateful. This has worked for me, more rapidly in the past, maybe so rapidly that it all went not right on me. That in itself makes me afraid to meditate to much and especially not to chant; but I think the list making is okay, I still use it and am grateful for it. If anyone reads this, thank you. I haven't figured out how to write back to anyone here yet, so I hope someone writes to me and we can be some kind of friends, since there are far and few of those around for infj. Thank you again, blessings.
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Dec 1, 2012