I Like..

  1. pictures

  2. flowers

  3. stars and the moon

  4. colors

  5. rainbows

  6. butterflies

  7. fairies

  8. fairytales with good ending

  9. watching ppl holding hands

  10. seeing ppl smile

  11. to imagine

  12. when a day starts with singing

  13. to see gestures with hugs

  14. wishing to my friends a good day

  15. drawing

  16. writing

  17. the sound of the waves at the beach

  18. the rain

  19. to see my friends online

  20. to know that angels are always near

amysangels amysangels
22-25, F
8 Responses Feb 26, 2010


... and i can add to what you like, also since i like all the things in your list here, To Make List :)

Such a great list Amy.... ;-)

i wasn tryin to explain friendship,i was makin a list of what i like..

Good sound my friend....................but i think that friendship is something, which cannot be easily explained. A common definition of friendship would be a relationship between two individuals, which is neither ba<x>sed on blood relations nor ba<x>sed on needs. It is a relationship, which is ba<x>sed on the compatibility and understanding of two individuals. Though there is much deeper meaning to the term 'friendship'. ....:)



I also like what you like. It makes for a nicer world.