And A Culture.

In all honesty, I do. I am a dreamer and a thinker, as you can see if you look at my other stories. Also, I am a very religious man. But this is another ambition that has came to me. Around the world, there are and were so many mysterious and varied cultures, but modernization and urbinization has ruined most of them. But I wanted to make my own one, start from scratch, make a place untouched by modernization. But this wasn't just a dream. I start making plans, including language and a new government system, one that I believe is fair and allows the people to choose their rulers. I made plans for homes thta would contain alot of people in, so there's more room for framing and cultural places.
I start looking at, and enquiring about, islands. I must even admit, as I cannot afford one, I tried negotiating, unsuccessfully, to get one for free, to fulfill my ambition. But this isn't, as it may seem, a selfish ambition. Yes, it was to fulfill my dreams and make them a reality, but it was also to help those who were homeless or poor - I had plans that, providing I founded this state, I would give poor people free homes so that they may develop themselves and give themselves a better life, with help from the council that thye and others like them elect out of their own villages, towns and cities.
This island was Stranger's Cay in the Bahanmas, a beautiful and rather cheap island. It was big enough to fit a number of settlements, and while not quite as big as Monaco, the world's second smallest country, it was bigger than the Vatican City, the world's first biggest country. However, I never acquired the money so my dream never came true; and now the island is under contract and is probably going to become a holiday resort of some sort. So after giving up my dream in a way for a number of months, after watching a show on the Normans on BBC2 last night, I was inspired to do something about it again today, and I start looking at existing lands, as I never found an uninhabited island as big as Strangers Cay, but nothing compares to land never before lived in, as they are already inhabited. Perhaps my dream will neer come true.
Bambini Bambini
Aug 5, 2010