Looking For Plans For The Do-it-yourselfer

i have seen the robospanker and a few other machines, but they are all so expensive.

Does anyone have plans or ideas on how to make one at home?

i love the feel of a an *** smarting from a good session of over the knee (otk) or a caning while tied down. But sadly i have no one to "play with", so i am looking for other methods to bring myself to tears.
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2 Responses Oct 21, 2012

i made a poor machine by cutting a square out of plywood, mounting it on a "mandrel" nailing a piece of an an old belt and then mounting it to a drill. It would leave me very red, but there was no suspense between whacks. i would guess it was about 2 swats per second - way too fast.

So my quest for something affordable continues

I have the RoboSpanker and it is great. I'm hoping someone will start to design new spanking implements to fit it