Messages Transfer Via Textfile Or Etc

Well I have one idea in mind, maybe incorporate a feature where you can transfer your messages or anything personal you believe that's worthwhile into a portable text file. That way you can have them on the go, I think this is a fantastic yet innovative idea because I know many of you probably have had deep meaningful conversations or stories you'd like to catalog and keep for yourself to reflect on. Well anyway this is just my friendly suggestion, usually most suggestions aren't bothered a second's thought or consideration, but that's cool. Communistic input matters most when you're trying to improve something into a greater prospect for others.
Lushiro Lushiro
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2 Responses May 6, 2012

no nooo nope, the more features you add to this site, the more laggy it gets >_< plus you can take a look at ur chat history - if that what u mean- on Meebo.

Great Idea as I currently have a file Named the Experience Project Data / It lists everything of the Paschar profile , Blog , Groups and stories included thus a simple copy paste is all that would need to be done to replace anything lost or deleted due to any possible EP Glitch . You Have the support of this idea from Paschar EP Support Volunteer .