Monetary Happiness

Money doesn't buy happiness, but it definately makes the ride to the destination more comfortable.

I've often wrestled with the phrase "enough money".  How much is enough?  It seems whenever I set a financial goal, I attain it and ask myself "what's next?".  I don't know if, for me, there ever is enough, though I admit that with some embarassment.  I am far from wealthy, but have very specific goals that I have worked my entire adult life to accomplish, and will accomplish.  I am haunted, though, by what will happen once I reach my goal. Will it ever be enough?
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I agree with Hannah777 and ladybug. Once you have achieved your goals, firstly, celebrate and feel good about yourself to let your subconscious mind register this success. Once this is done, your performance in your next endeavor will not be below this level. <br />
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Secondly, help out other people achieve what they want in life.<br />
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Then, set out to your next goals. <br />
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But if you face this situation of "what next?" more often, then your goals are not big enough, not crazy enough, they are too easy for you to achieve, they are not something you truly want to do in life.<br />
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A goal that is larger than your current fr<x>amework of your mind and thoughts and that which challenges you physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually - once achieved, blows your mind away :)<br />
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Try it!!!

That is a very important question, will it be enough. I guess you can say to yourself, how high is my standard that I feel I have persue to satisfy my quest. Once you receive that mark then it would be a nice gesture to help someone else out who is trying to achieve the goal you have met. It's also human nature for one to reach it then once you have done it you want more but if you but other people into your equation of helping then the greed will not consume you. Just my opnion.

I have worked hard, advanced in the company got up to $10.00 per hour, then the company close down. 16 yrs later got up to $10.00 per hour again, then layed off. Next job got up to $9.00 per hour stayed there for 3 yrs, laid off again, now making $0.00 per hour. since last september. Don't feel bad.

I've been goal oriented all of my adult life and look forward to a long break to simply veg out. After achieving my next goal, the only goal I plan on pursuing is a period of lazy relaxation.

Once you've reached that goal take time out to celebrate...and then just continue to set a more challenging goal for yourself....