My Lover And Best Friend

I met Alex about 4 years ago and we became friends quickly. When my husband died in 2010, he was there for me and my kids. We spent many nights together as friends, sleeping in the same bed with nothing sexual expected. Then one night about a year ago I told him I needed to be made love to and he did. We have been sharing an amazing sex life ever since then.

Some reasons I love him are:
He is a great friend to my kids and they both adore him. 
He likes to sing me love songs in the dark of the night. 
He has been very supportive of Misty’s hearing problems. 
He cleans if I cook, or thew other way around .
He eats my cooking. LOL
He texts and calls just because he loves me.
He is affectionate, and knows I love to be touched. 
We both have no embarrassment with showing PDA (Public Displays of affection).
I know he would protect me at all costs
I feel chemistry is important in a relationship. And he has eyes that can look into my soul.
And of course, he is great in bed. Very giving with a nice body, along with good endurance. 
He is the only man to have ever be gotten off using my hands, mouth, being inside of me in both places, and finishing on my body. 

Of course I miss my husband, and visit his grave often. But Alex has become someone I love with all of my heart.
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4 Responses Sep 15, 2012

Nobody can take your hubbys place! but Alex is what you need and love now ! congrats ! you are very lucky to have 2 good men to love you and take care of you !

That is awesome you found someone that is so good to you and you him.I am sorry about your loss too.

Thanks, but I am glad to have him in my life

That is wonderful that you have found a person for you such as Alex

Yes it is and thanks

sorry about your loss.seems like the right one came along. good for you!make the best of it!!!!

Yea he has been a great fit in my life. So lucky to have found him