Factual Account Of Our Shower Last Night.

Both naked, I led Alex to the waiting shower. Amongst the steam we held each other close as his hands fondled my butt. He kissed me deep and pushed his tongue in my mouth, which he knows drives me wild. He backed me under the warm spray and chuckled when the water rans down my face. My hands found his shoulders and quickly pulled him to me.

Breaking our embrace, he picked up the soap and generously lathered his hands.  His soapy hands began lathering from my arms to my shoulders. 


Closing my eyes, I feel soap running between my breasts and southward down my belly and into my pubic hairs. His hand then cupped each breast in turn as I backed up against the wall as he teases my already excited nipples. Making sure all the soap was rinsed away, I placed my hands on his face and placed it against my chest. I felt his tongue gently biting each nipple, sending chills down my spine. Soon he massaged my hips then wrapped me in his arms and soaped each cheek. I told him my body is his to play with. I spread my legs enough to allow his fingers access, and felt my ****** arrive soon. He stayed with it until the last shudder. 


In was my turn to clean him, so I took the soap and lathered my hands. I traced a line from his chest to his hips. After pressing my body against his for a moment of kissing, I gently began to wash his ****. I felt him shudder a bit as I lowered myself to my knees. Leaning against the wall, his eyes closed, knowing what to expect from me.


Wrapping my hands around his hips, I took his shaft into my mouth, down to the base and back up again. His hands cupped my head gently, telling me without words to continue. Alex let me have full control of his pleasuring, knowing I never leave him unsatisfied.  When I knew his moment was near, I held just the head between my lips and my hands closed around the base. I like to feel the pulses as his ****** gets closer. His hips pressed toward me gently and his hands grab my hair as he erupted with a copious flow down my throat. Spasm after spasm, I eagerly swallow, enjoying my delicious prize. 


Once done, our hands wrapped around each other as we shared a loving embrace. Kissing, we felt the water cascade down our bodies. After drying off we went to my bed and made love for the next 2 hours, giving me 3 more ******* before I lost count. 

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What a fun shower, thanks for sharing !

What a hot steamy story ! such an intense passionate intimate encounter for you two !