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Anything wrong with erotic flirting? I don’t think so.

I realize in some ways, Cyber sex on chat or cam, along with phone sex are better options than getting off alone. Even though this sort of thing do not have to end in ******. Simply sharing erotic stories or fantasies can be enjoyable. Everyone should try to avoid forcing the idea onto people who may not feel comfortable with it.

I feel it is good to practice communicating sexual desires and fantasies. As long as both people have a good attitude and can be open-minded, then what is the harm?

I like to hear what gets people off, but that does not mean I will go on cam with you. I have engaged in cam sex, but only with a man I am dating, and never claimed to be pro. Fake ******* are not desired on either end. I hear about women who claim to enjoy cam sex, but are only playing games to tease or want to charge for it. That irritates me to no end.

Same goes for phone sex. I share that with my lover if spending a night apart and either of us feels the need. We excite each other with our words and moans, until we explode in ******. I explain in detail my body shiver and trembles as I climax for him. I picture his **** erupting in a flow of his *** all over his belly, wishing I was there to swallow it.   

We both enjoy ************, especially when together or doing it at the same time. Alex always shoots a nice load, and is able to hold off until my ****** if doing it at the same time. I like to use a vibrator but prefer his ****, so I usually use my fingers when ************. 

We enjoy a variety of positions in bed. I love being on top so i can see his face and his hands can fondle my ****. Also like it doggy style and feel him pressing deep into me. 

We do have anal sex at times, and he is the only man to do that with me. 

I like to simply jerk him off slowly until he explodes all over his chest and belly.

I also enjoy having him *** on my back, butt, belly, and ****. Not into facial and hair *** shots.

Any reactionary replies or questions?

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4 Responses Sep 16, 2012

I like your outlook, you sound like fun!

IM me if u want to watch me ********** and *** online

You are a breath of fresh air here. You manage to be sweet, innocent, nasty and filthy simultaneously without missing a beat. The best part is that the filthy is from nothing you say but from the energy behind it.<br />
You remind me of the actress who played the mom in Leave It to Beaver (before your time, I know) who tells a flight attendant unable to understand 2 black guys, "Don't worry. I speak jive" and goes into a rap to explain to them. Not your appearance but your manner of writing.<br />
Welcome, but you tantalizingly left out things other than cam and whether other things are off-limits online. Really, it doesn't matter. Your energy can make an innocent story arousing as your story shows.<br />
Again, may your explorations be a positive experience and may you be able to avoid the mouth dreamers and knuckle draggers. You're proof that you can get down and dirty and still be classy.

You have a nice way with words. Thanks!

Every word is true. You surprised me on so many levels.

The really nice thing about this sight is people like you who speak your mind and tell it like it really is. I personally don't own a video cam for internet use. I use mine for things like filming the birth of our Golden Retriever puppies, or the flowers in our yard, or . . . you get the idea.

Now flirting, be it erotic or not, should be left to being in person or to the keyboard. After all, the mind is a terrible thing to waste!