Yes Me To Try To Count Every Moment.

            like every one Me too want to count every moment of my life .but as you know no body is perfec in this world i alwz try to make plan that after the daily routine of my job at the evening i have to study little bit to get a  goog job but when ever i make plan its never work , like i made   this plan from last month but if i have remember then i have study only once or twice in this month only,so its not easy to count your moment  of your life as we think that it is easy and we can do it but in a reality its not easy ,
             I don't know what i do , but i know one thing that i would have to do that other wise i will not get a good future as i was thinking in last year . and one more  thing is that   i have seen in girls they do it very easy , i don't know how they do but when ever i asked them than they teel us it easy , just make the plan in which time you have to study, and than make the suitable time and go through that then see you can do what you have made the plan.
                  so some time i followed them but it didn't work alwz it works only some time.....

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Good point Adrianepositive!

This quote is for you- "If you continue following the masses, you will never exceed the middle class."<br />
Have a great day. :)