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I have always liked to wear diapers. I have very early memories of being diapered with a nice warm cloth diaper just out of the dryer. I was forcibly toilet trained when I was about three years old but remember finding my diapers in the closet and trying to put them on myself. I pooped my pants until I started school and was spanked and scolded for doing that. I wet the bed until I was 12 and just couldn't help myself. Later in life I found that the smell of baby powder and the sight of a diaper gave me a feeling of sexual arousal. I found a diaper one day while staying at a friends house and tried it on. It was so very nice between my legs and I started my diaper fetish then, I was about 25 years old. I looked everywhere for information about my fetish and thought I was the only one in the world that still liked wearing diapers as an adult. When the internet cam available I was astounded to see how many other people were also interested in diapers.
As my life gets more complicated I find myself wanting to just be a kid again and be helpless and diapered and taken care of by a loving mommy. I have a perfect fantasy but will save that for if someone wants to read it. All for now...
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Adult CD is adult cross dresser male who likes to wear female clothes

What is an adult CD? I had an experience with a very nice, openminded acting student a few years ago. I explained my diaper fetish and she readily agreed to play out a scenario. She was a naughty baby sitter and I was a little boy that was a little too old for diapers. She bathed me and washed me everywhere, she put me on the bed and lifted my legs and powdered my bottom then put me in a disposable diaper with a cloth one over the top. The extra padding felt wonderful as it did while she wiped my bottom for me and dried me off after the tub. She made me promise not to tell anyone about how she played with me and she promised not to tell about my wearing diapers. <br />
It was a nice experience although I felt guilty about it until recently when I decided that my fetish is harmless and doesn't hurt anyone. It is ok to like diapers at any age!

Sounds interesting I too have had diapers put on and love the feeling but at present I am adult CD But if another chance to be babied came along would go for it.