I Don't Always Know How To Reach Out To People

My central tenant right now is that I'd rather say the wrong thing and lose because of it than lose because I was too afraid to say anything at all.
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7 Responses Jul 25, 2010

i think, u should always speak how u feel. there is no need to hide it, b/c it always comes out in the end anyway. true friendships, the ones that last, they are stronger than anything else in the world.

I agree. A friendship isn't always rosy. There are bumps along the way. If there's something wrong and you want to change it the friendship will withstand that. If it doesn't then it's not a friendship. It works both ways too.

hi, thanks silverandice:) how it all worked out too:)

You have a beautiful name and a beautiful avatar abeautifultruth.

Just say what you feel without being rude, and do it sincerely, there is not one thing wrong with that. ..unless its something said for the pure sake of provoking, a sincere opinion given from the heart is welcome by anyone who is also sincere.

Yeah, and even when things don't work out you still learn a lot. Thanks for the support, I hope things in life work out for you too.

Good idea!!1 So many friendships and relationships end because people were too afraid to say what they really felt. Openness and honesty and communication are key to healthy relationships. Speaking up is hard, and sometimes you will say the wrong thing... it's just part of life. I hope even if things don't work out at first, you will keep trying. It pays off in the long run.