Wanting To Meet Some People ^^

So yeah I joined EP awhile ago and so far its really fun... though it'd probably be better if i knew some people on here ^^ '

So yeah I'm Christine though friends call me Chrissy since it sounds better. I like all kinds of music besides rap. I tend to be a bit shy but on here i feel more willing to open up. I kinda care less about grammar but i do talk to the point that im understandable (thank God! right lol) I'm pretty bad at describing myself other then that though so any questions u can ask. Also i kinda hope people accept me for me its pretty critical for me since i dont like people who judge others.

Add me if u wanna talk ^^
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Nice to meet ya Chrissy - Thanks for being friends !!<br />
<br />

hi if ur really into wetting messing ur pants being spanked add me euchergod61 on yahoo messenger