Why Is It So Hard To Make Friends

my name is alan i am 43 years old i have been married for 18 this year ,but i have not got a lot friends ,i have 2 that i know for a long time ,but i do not see them much,so this is why i went on ep just to see if i can get any good friends,but i fed up on members making out that they are someone else that they have to lie ,to make you think the person that you are talking to are genuine ,but sorry to say they are not,i had 1 members i do not talk to them anymore that has done this to me ,so it is hard to find good friends on here ,
to be fair i have got ,what i call are friends on this site but not many,i enjoy talking to them ,i hope that they do the same,it has not been easy to find them ,i hope i can get more,even in real live i find it hard to make friends,so i hope on ep this will change so if anyone has seen this make me a friend and we can see what happens
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I am very real though prefer to remain anonymous. All that I've written about myself is true. What are you looking for on this site apart from friends? And whats is Flowersnbutterflies talking about?

don't say anything ,I think she loves me

Aw how sweet. But really, what does she mean?

I may not say nice things to others ,but iam always jokeing ,some members take things the wrong way

I just assumed you were joking. Well, hoped lol

well that would be telling

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I have been looking for a male friend just to talk

It is a shame when people pretend to be something they are not. They may be lonely and think they have to pretend to get attention. As for yourself. Do you belong to any organizations, like a church or club. Those are good places to meet people and see if there are any you can connect with in regards to having the same or similar interests. I am who I am and try to be up front and if people don't like me that is fine. I have a number of friends here and other sites and around where I live. My wife and I moved to GA about 2.5 years ago and we are still making friends and I don't have any really close ones yet but am in a number of group from church and other places where I do get out and meet both men and women and we enjoy chatting. I do a lot of volunteer work too and that is a good place to meet and make friends. I would enjoy chatting with you and seeing what we have in common and see where it goes. Hope to hear back from you soon.

I am here for the same reason not just because you are married I'm 22 and I don't have much friends it's good to have a site like this to express your feelings even if you don't actually meet up with anyone at least your not one of those people giving up on your social life .It seems like now n days no one has time for each other busy at work or other reasons I'm pregnant so I can't do the same things I used to but like u I won't be giving up it's always good to met new people

most pp add just to show your their usually dirty pics but some on here are genuine

You shouldent worry about it, you're nice enough so if you open up in the real world, you could make some friends easily :)

you are very kind

Thanks ^-^

I'm surprised that older people have this problem too. Lots of girls that are not as attractive or too heavy lol lol have this same problem with attrating friends. I think the answer is the same. Expand your activities like joining some clubs like maybe a classic book club or a motorcycle club. Not one that does bad things but just friends getting together. A girl I know is a member of a girls motorcycle club and drives one of those scooters. Maybe a classic movie club if you are not into books. I guarantee you will make lots of friends that way.

If you want another friend then check my profile and if like say "HI" all I ask is you send a message/whiteboard from time to time! I will always answer as soon as can but sometimes due to work commitments an not on for 2/3 days at time!

I am going to be honest, sorry if it's a little harsh. <br />
It's fine and dandy to be friends with people of all ages, but are you shooting only to be friends with people half your age? (me) When I looked at your page it says you're a loner, you cry, and all this sad dark stuff. I don't want a downer as a friend! You've gotta be positive, happy, and you will draw in likeminded people! You've also got to be more inviting, upbeat and unique with your approach to talking to new people. Just a simple "hi" or "how are you" is really generic and blah. Find something on their page to talk about. You can do it! Stop moping around! :)

This is a place to express yourself. If you don't like it, then leave. Just saying:3

Alan, people are so fake it's not even funny. Most have no real socialization skills. Me, I'm a loner.I kinda like it that way.<br />
Real, true friends? Ha when you find a real true friend, let me know. As far as I know, The only true friends we have are ourselves and God. And most people don't even trust Him. Why? He's too good to be true.

Finding a true friend is like finding a soul mate- they're hard to come by, but they are out there looking for you too...

I'd be happy to be your friend. :) Message me any time. <br />
<br />
We seem to both like horror movies and feel lonely.

i agree. my most problem is men who think they should go to every girls site and hit on them. i dont talk to many acually no gusy cause i am parinoid of that. i will talk to just about anyone who doesnt crossthe line. but there are many people who love to cross that line.

Hey you .......You cheeky monkey, Im your friend and love you for who you are !<br />
<br />
Love Wish xxx

Hi, Alan<br />
I really think that you are looking for '' ATLANTIS''. Probably 99.9% of the people DON'T know the definition of friendship .I mean REAL FRIENDSHIP.I think that Perfect friends Don't exist.<br />
I have my own definition of friendship. I think that it's most important to try to do this things to another person instead of asking them... (cos' you will never get them L.O.L.) . But will make you a better person and definitely you will start to see a difference ...<br />
I think that :<br />
A friend it's someone who's always there for you in good or bad time's..<br />
A friend will not judge you when you done something wrong , He will try to help you out of it .<br />
A friend it's always trying to put Him self on the second place and always trying to please you first.<br />
A friend it's someone who's ready to give up they'r life 4 you at any time.<br />
A friend it's someone who will give you everything He has and ask's NOTHING in return.<br />
<br />
So as you can see....I don't think you know to many people who will do that ...Or do you???<br />
I am the type of person who attracts ''friends'' ....My problem it's to get rid of them... :))))<br />
I'm NOT a nice person ...I'm ruthless ,stupid when I drink too much (not too often,most likely that's the cause) I enjoy super-bikes,falconry ,hunting, rough adventure's (hopefully one day I'll go around the world on a super-bike),I'm also most likely to be part in ''dodgy'' thing's.<br />
So if you have a look in overall ,you will understand that You are a way better person than Me.Maybe you are a bit unlucky.... :-))) <br />
The thing is that you are running in smaller circles.But definitely better quality ones.<br />
You can get ''tones'' of friends.... in FACE BOOK...people will add you as a friend without knowing you ,or giving a **** about you...You can also buy friends on E-bay .....weirdauctionlistings.info <br />
A guy sold His friendship for a day for 7700 dollars.... :)))))<br />
So my point is that NOT the amount of friends it's the thing that matter's ...........IT'S THE QUALITY OF FRIEND'S YOU HAVE......!!!! <br />
<br />
Probably you are bored already..... from so much bullshit from Me.... :))<br />
<br />
Anyway ...hope that I helped you a bit.... and maybe I'll see U around...

.... i can't believe he sold his friends on ebay

I'd be pleased to be your friend, as much as one can actually be a friend in this media. I am some times busy and won't be able to answer quickly all of the time but ewventually I always will. I am who I am nothing more ..50 year old single women (dont worry not looking for ANYTHING else. Love writing,swimming, family and life in general.<br />
I also have had trouble holding onto real life friends, I think if I look back often times it is I who sabatogue the friendships with my unreasonable expectations (no one can measure up) So try to see that we are all just human, falable. I have trust issues that might never go away but I am working on that. So...send me a private message and tell me about yourself if you like.