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I never had any problems making friends at school, I had lots of 'friends' in many different groups in my year. I suppose my biggest problem was always completely opening up and really becoming friends with people and letting them see who I was deep down. I made 2 very close friendships and thought they would last our lifetimes. I was the 1st to marry and have children. They were my Bridesmaids and God Parents to my children and we held a healthy friendship long distance.... but as time passed and our lifestyle differences became wider as did the feeling of our distance, both in location and friendship. So 10 years have passed since finishing High School and I never really kept in contact with anyone else from school... now I don't really have anyone from my past.

One of the girls I went to school with but was never friends with started talking to me over a social site while we were in different states. I am now back in my home state and we have a beautiful friendship, but I know now that whilst having people you really relate to as friends is impportant.... it is also very important to have many different people in your life. I would love to find people to share life experiences with and enjoy others as well, I have a lot of kindness and friendship to give, now just to find people to share it with :o)

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I think it's natural to go deeper on friendships,On my experience I had plenty of School friends some of them I wasn't that attached, I've been very close with few friends. fortunately I still have contacts with them. But I really attached to a friend he was my best buddy at School, Recently I found he's on FB and requested to add me as his friend, Shockingly he denied the request I thought he would've done it accidently and I messaged him and sent yet another request again he denied it, I was totally upset for few days, But now I've accepted the true fact that human changes as they grow older with more responsibilities. It seems you value friendships but you can't expect the same thing from opposite, Life is cool just accept if anyone offers you the friendship and let them when they wanted to go. HAVE A NICE DAY!

Thank you weneedeachother, I value your kind words and friendship :o))