I Am Giving Up My Job To Someone Who Needs A Job

I am a spoiled house wife.
I got bored and got a job that I thought nobody else would want working at a kennel.I told myself when I started that if someone who really needed a job that I would do my best to get them in and step aside.That time has come.A young woman who is the neice of someone I went to school with is in need of a job.Here I am sitting on a job someone who needs a job could have while I waste the money from working on mostly stuff I dont really need.My bosses really like me.Thats ok.I just got a raise I asked for.Because of that I am going to try to stay on a little longer.Not in the way of the girl who needs a job.I'll stick around as a fill in as long as they need me.Then again she may not like the job just leke the last girl I steped aside for.She lasted a long time and come to find out it was just not working out.When I took the job almost a year ago nobody wanted it.When I wanted to take the summer off it was hard to find someone willing.Til I found out someone I knew was out of a job and looking.I just dont want to take the job of someone who needs it.
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Oh wow! Thats great!<br />
The girl who "needed" my job only lasted one day.Guess working is not for everyone.

What a great thing to do. I also did something similar with a friend and it was one of my wiser decisions because that was in 1976 and she is almost ready to retire after 34 years!

Thanks! I'd just hate to be on the other side of this whole thing.Seems lots of people are in need of jobs and cannot seem to find them.Maybe they dont know where to look or maybe they have a idea of a job they'll do and some they wont do.All I know is I have no right to hold a job that someone else needs.

good for you..thats a nice thing to do..id do the same..