I Want Some New Friends.

I am a bisexual man. I would like to be friends with some of the local gay guys and lesbians. i live in a small city. They are usually going to the same events that I go to. The problem is that I am getting older. I don't drink much, and I am not a drug user. The way has been very slow for me trying to get gay people to be my friend, but I can see a day when I live on my own, and a few friends will be nice. I am friends with the heterosexual people just fine at work, but when work is over I always go home alone. I have lived in my city for about 3to 4 years now and I keep going to gay events and meet new gay people, but they all seem to have plenty of friends who are gay. I live a pretty comfortable life for a poor man, probably because I am getting older, so I am not bored, I am just alone. Any ways I will keep trying to go out to gay events and meet new gay people. I read birds of a feather stick together in my psychology and I believe it to be true, I just have to keep trying, maybe.
sisypwimp sisypwimp
41-45, M
Aug 9, 2010