Don't Know Where To Start

Hi everyone I'm very new to this site I found out that I have ms 4 months ago along with 5 types of cancer the ms is in my legs along with bone cancers witch make my legs swell up n become very painful I've been going through chemo n radition I've lost everything n have no support where I live I've lost my ex husband n my 3 children n both my parents ms is all new to me n I don't understand it I've lost half my brain n both my breast n a lung my legs are not very strong so I wear leg braces to give me support n to help me walk it hasn't been easy on me I'm hoping to make friends on this site if u want to know anything bout me just ask ok don't know what else to say please reply thank u Jolee
SweetCountry68 SweetCountry68
Aug 10, 2010