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Hi everyone, i would love to make friends who are a little bit crazy, a little bit fun, a little bit of a lot!!! I'm originally from Spain, moved to USA 2 years ago and left everything behind, my husband travels because of work and i stay at home alone, and after finding myself talking to the dog and the cat and waiting for them to answer me...i realized i need to find people to talk with or to go to the hospital!! well i was crazy before anyway... :)
Myreena Myreena
26-30, F
3 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Looking for some crazy fun friends as well. I am around serious people way too much, I miss having "girl" time where you can just let loose. Feel free to email me.

hello Dream, how are you? <br />
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Linda, thanks for adding me :) you rock !!

hey there,what's up?<br />
My name is Michaela,nice to meet you.I am from Bulgaria.