Wanted: Awesomely Amazing New Friends

So I moved to a new city about 1 year ago. I have always had an easy time at making friends. I am very outgoing and talkative, I love to get to know new people. But unfortunately I haven't made ANY new friends. It's like the people here don't understand me and don't want to try and get to know me. 

It's gotten frustrating so I have decided to take to my experience project account in search of some new friends. I am up to get to know anyone! Please feel free to message me and say hello!

Meeting new people is my favorite thing in the world. Lets get to know each other shall we? 

EP friends are the best kinds of friends. =)
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

ill be ur EP friend..they r the best..= )..lol..

I wont say i feel the same. but my sister does. Two years ago i moved to a new city. Honestly I'm not sociable man. I have an inferiority complex and lots of odds. For me making friends it is something terribly difficult. So you see between us is a huge discrepancy. So i moved and i had no time and necessity to get acquainted with somebody. and even now i wont say i have friends. none. group mates only. I don't know why, but every time when potential friends press me (call me too often or "raise a claim to me") i get out))) But my sister, thats another story. She is extremely out-going. And clear she faced the same problem. Very often she complains of boredom and accuses me of my dullness. But i am satisfied with the way i live. Sometimes she tries to rebel but rarely ...<br />
I have no idea about advice. Who knows maybe you should not seek but wait.<br />
P.S. in one spring day i faced with a boy who offered me friendship. i was in a bad mood and didn't want to talk. So...

Yeah, everybody knows my name, but nobody knows me.