How To Hook Up With The Right Guy

take this small post of mine from my blog and regard it with an open mind.

you might learn a thing or two.

girls, if you complain about how i don't stick to you,

you've probably done one of the following:

1) roll your eyes and spout out "sure", "fine", "whatever", "okay" in an apathetic manner when i say that i care, etc.

you might think its cheesy, but i guess that just shows how you think every guys' feelings are somehow expressed inherently as cliches from chick flicks.

can't you believe in genuineness when its right in front of your ******* faces?

plus when you think about it, like if you're not a girl who expresses her feelings from time to you know...normal intervals, you might be suffering from a case of this cliche-disorder.

like you're afraid to express how you feel about someone because you're scared that they'll do the same thing that you do to guys when THEY try to say that they care about you.

this might not apply to you specifically, it might apply to another girl reading this, but i'm just saying if you think about it that way, maybe you can relate better?

i don't know, just food for thought.

2) say you're going to do all these sweet, wonderful things for me with a serious face, or tell me to trust you with all these sweet, wonderful things with a serious face, which undoubtedly leads a unassuming, straightforward guy like me to do as you ask, and then you come along and not do any of these sweet wonderful things, or live up to your words.

I think this doesn't really need an explanation, but if you shady, that kind of ****** me off.

Or if you're the type to forget the promises you make right after they come out of your mouth.

You know, I'm extremely patient with this one.

Like the first few times, blah, whatever, we all mess up sometimes its all good.

But when you start moving into the big lies, that's when it starts hurting bad, so I'm just saying please be a little considerate, if at all?

Because you see, I don't have the time or energy to be suspicious, or to check on you all the time.

I don't do that stupid bullshit in the first place because it makes relationships look like a ******* espionage gag, makes them degrade into a ridiculous game of guess-and-check.

I pretty much trust 100% in whatever you do or say until **** doesn't match up, then you pretty much burnt, *****.

like seriously, if you think its easy to hide **** in a relationship, go ahead and try your best, but from experience i know that sooner or later that **** starts to go all bad and there's nothing you can do to cover it up.

3) expect me to do everything.

this is sort of debatable, because everyone's got their own kinda...groove (i guess you can call it that) that they like to settle into.

so this topic is pretty much up for grabs, but i'm saying right here that if me and you weren't mutual in our bond, that's probably why i got fed up.

think of it as a teepee.

i mean, think of it as a teepee with only two sticks.

i'll be the sexy guy stick, you'll be the hot girl stick, but to form an awesome relationship teepee we gotta balance right, lean right on each other.

so if you be fawning too much, or if i'm weighing too much on you, then its going to collapse, see?

but if we're good in the same amount, then we good!

yeah, so if you're just kind of sitting there and waiting for **** to ring or notifications to pop up, yeah that kind of shows you don't think too much about it, so i won't either.

its perfectly fair, see?

because i notice this **** a lot sometimes in girls who think they're so fine that they don't need to do work at all,

and the truth is that unfortunately in most cases, this is absolutely correct, and so these girls have many options...don't feel like they need to try at all for me.

so if you feel like you're a girl who fits this bill, feel free to get out of my life as soon as you can, because damn you can't wait to try out all your wonderful options, and i can't wait to move on from a mistake.

therefore, it's good for you, and for me!

ultimately, in this case, i don't see why you would complain at all, unless of course, you found out your options look like horseshit when compared to me, but i guess that's too bad, because you're hot and you have too many options to distract you from what really matters.

4) argue to fight, not debate to learn.

if you start complaining about stuff like why there was too much oil in the pizza slice i got for you, or say that it was my fault that you forgot to turn in your homework because i made you laugh too hard to finish it last night...

that's real cute.

real cute.

but if you ******* get REAL angry and fight about that ****...sigh.

you probably wouldn't last a minute fighting with yourself.

like if you got a problem, that's great, we can work it out, like if you don't feel i'm saying the right things to you, and that makes you feel bad, sure, talk it out with me, that sounds reasonable...

but i mean, ANYONE would be fed up with **** like, "i don't like this ***** because she did blah blah blah to blah blah blah, and did you hear about this guy and his blah blah blah..."

seriously that gossip stuff is a great time-killer, but if that's all you talk about......damn girl.


DAMN, girl.

good luck with life, LOL

so now i gotta take a breather...
trueth trueth
18-21, M
Dec 8, 2010