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I am happily married and my husband works on oil rigs...he is gone for two weeks and then home for two weeks. When hes home everything is great...we go places do things hang out...we are friends as well...we have awesome sex he is all I have ever wanted in a man. Hes also a good father. Because he makes decent money I was able to retire from my job last may. The problem I have is that when he is gone...I am so bored soemtimes and get lonely...we video call every night when hes off work....but during the day he doesnt have much time to call and text me....it wasnt always like this when he was gone because the oil rig company he used to work with he had lots of opportunities to call or at least text me...and I got used to this...it helped make the day go by faster. Now he has taken a job with a different oil rig company and during the day i barely hear from him. I have used the holidays to keep me busy...I have two teenagers that are busy themselves with their own social life and I have cleaned and organized the house it seems over and over. I want someone to talk to or hang out with on ocassion when hes gone...I have been on sites to try and meet other women like myself...but i stopped doing that when people had other intentions than just friendship. Any suggestions on things to do?
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Your post was a couple years ago now. I have been on the Internet tonight searching for rig wife support groups and ran across this post. I have been with my oil rigger for 14 years. We dated for two years and have been married for 12 years. The first 11 years we where together my husband worked two weeks on and two weeks off in the gulf. We could talk several times a day. I could drive there when he came into the city for meetings and I knew all his co workers. I had no problems with finding things to do. I worked full time, and stayed more than busy. I would schedule time with him when he was home and fill in with all sorts of positive things when he was gone. I never missed a beat. Then 3 years ago my husband took a job assignment in Africa with his oil company. He is gone a month at a time and lucky if he can even be home for a full 3 weeks in between. We barely talk at all now when he is at work because of the distance and time differences and can hardly call much. When he is home he is worn out more often due to the long flight and the stress.. I tried so hard to keep my same routine as before. I did not expect at all to be depressed like I have been. This is not like me at all. I have not ever run out of things to do with myself and suddenly finding myself feeling sad and lonely and bored is very unusual. I do have a job except find it very difficult to even go to my office to work at all. I have volunteered and done other things lately except always end up not being happy doing those things anymore for some reason . How are you doing since the post in 2012? I could use some support myself right now are you up for becoming support friends?

Good Luke

I know what you mean

I picked up an herbal habit lol my husband is gone 20 days gone ten days home... I started baking cakes from home... And make my own side money ... I hear ya on the bordom !!! But find a hobby that entertains you...

My husband started working on the rigs a year ago..it's been a big adjustment for me. He works two weeks on, three days off. He owned his own business before and was always home and available.I am fortunate enough to now be a stay at home mom to our three children, ages 9, 12,13, but I find myself bored and lonely alot too...I have begun to dive into the creative world once again, with lots of craft, sewing and painting projects to fill my time...keeping busy helps pass the lonely hours!

Thank you all for your support. Your right I agree there are people that will prey on people in my situation. I will keep myself away from situations that could cause me or my realationship harm. I love my husband so much and hes awesome...I want him the rest of my life. BTW...update...I am going to be delivering meals to elderly persons through a group in my town. Im so excited.

Thank you all for your advice...I will get up tomorrow a new day and try to find a part time job or volunteer work somewhere.:)

Good luck :O)

How about a part time job? Something to keep you busy.<br />
Just a thought :O)

I would really like to find a place to volunteer in the town I live in...not sure how to get involved in volunteer work...maybe at a womens shelter or something like that. Thanks for commenting.

browse the net, I think there should be something you're searching for. It's a good idea, haven't though about it.
Good luck!

Do you have any hobbies? Reading takes a lot of time..<br />
You can join some hobby groop if there are any in your city. There you could find some friends.<br />
You need to find something new. What have you always wanted to do but didn't because there was no time for it? I'm sure there's something :)