We Might Become Good Friends :)

Im a person that has been closed off to the world by my own choice. My whole life I would never open up to anyone. I would think "nobody cares about how I am or what Im thinking" but now I love to talk to people. Im still getting used to it but Im certainly getting better at it :). So when I meet a new person I tell them to tell me a whole bunch of stuff that is going on within their day. It breaks the ice(if they are willing to just open up to me). I love it when people let go of the shy/awkwardness and just talk to me as if they have known me their whole life. I love to get to know people and I dont "shoo" people away until I get to know who they really are. My biggest thing right now is,"if you dont let me in your world how am I supposed to get to know you?We might end up being really good friends."
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I was never the way i am today. I hate being like this. It is only the men in my life have made me this way. I used to be a fun loving person. I would make friends in no time...i don't know where have a lost all that. today when i look around, i find myself very lonely. I am a divorcee. I loved my husband more than self and due to religious differences we had to part our ways. he got married but i am not been able to come out of that even after his marriage. I see his profile daily on facebook and hurt myself. I know it is not helping me but....dont really know what to do..... i am here today only so that i can speak to someone and make friends....only friends.

I used to build walls so high no one could ever tear them down. Now I am extremely friendly and approachable because I realized I am the one missing out on great people if I close myself off. There's nothing to lose when you start a conversation with a stranger.

I love your mentality!

True, good approach. Wish you all the best in friendship, in EP and elsewhere too.

Brilliant attitude, hold it close to yourself as others may wish to take it from you. Much like yourself I too like to see the good in the day. I always try to be upbeat and positive. I find that tuning out a lot of the worlds negativity is a good start :) Have a great time here on EP. Cheers AZ.

I think you have an awesome attitude to life - I love talking to people and getting to know their little worlds and letting them into mine. Every stranger is a potential friend .....

Thank you :) I try my best to be a better person. and thats how I feel too. Everyone would be better off just expressing themselves freely to anyone:)

That is very true. i'm from wales originally and everyone is very open there, just chat to anyone and you can talk to a stranger in a pub for a few hours and its like you've got a new best mate. I assumed everyone was like that, then I moved to England and realised thats not the case. Its taken me years to form proper friendships. Everyone is so guarded and suspicious when you try to talk to them if you don't know them. Maybe its living in a city perhaps but I'd much rather people were just open minded and open to tsrangers. They're missing out!

hello there! how are you???

im just fine ty for asking :). how are you this wonderfully blessed day?