I Have A Bit Of A Problem...

     I have a bit of a problem. I don't actually enjoy spending time with most of my friends. Since I'm homeschooled I never got that chance at socializing with them and actually getting to know them. So I consider them more of close acquaintances. Which isn't right. I should enjoy my friends and want to spend time with them all the time. Not make excuses to avoid them, or not like them very much. I know it's selfish of me, and I know it's probably mostly my fault. But for some stupid reason when you're a socially broken off teen It's quite impossible to make good enough friends that you want to hang out with ALL THE TIME. I know I have to work on it, but none of the friends I have actually have anything in common with me. At all. You see my dilemma?
     I don't know where to find people like me though, and I don't know how to scope out those people I know I will like spending time with. It's a real standstill in my social life, do you not agree?
     But I do want to make friends and I wish to be social, and I've made some plans for that future! I plan on enrolling into school next year (because it's a little too late into the school year to do it now...) and I will join the cross country team! Good plan right? But I would really like to have someone to spend time with now, have fun with. That I will relate to. I want to make friends.
screamingstranger screamingstranger
13-15, F
May 9, 2012