I Have No Friends

I have seen it....and heard it..."we all have friends". That is not quite true. Myself...I have quite a few acquaintances but no friends. I moved from my home province all the way across the country 6 years ago. In all this time I don't have 1 friend. It wasn't for the lack of trying.I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I work in the city...but I don't live in the city.That makes things harder. I also work nights....another strike!!! How does one one who works nights and lives in the middle of nowhere make friends??? Well....I may have found a solution....I have recently joined 2 clubs in the city. One to make new friends of either gender...and a women's club. I have always got along better with men.Having 2 older brothers will do that!! Their friends were my friends...we all hung out together. And it only seems fair to give the girls a shot!! What have I got to lose....nothing...but I have a lot to gain!! I will let you know how it woks out!
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Yes, I agree with your assessment that you have many aquantenances, but few friends. I do think most people equate the two. Only when tough times hit do you find the real friends.<br />
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I do hope you find a connection with a few others near you. Sometimes trying too hard scares people. I wonder if they think you are after something besides a a friendship.<br />
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Take care and may you find pleasure in each and every day.