Looking For Some Sunshine.

Hi (: My name is Krystal I am sixteen years old and frankly I feel like an ant in a world of giants trying to step on me. I have MPD and a bunch of other problems. I'm very lonely. I have a few friends in real life but I always seem to say the wrong things. But on the internet I can think before I type something which allows me to say the right things not the wrong things. I need a friend or two or three. But I don't want a boyfriend. Just a friend. Please, anyone. :(
Constantrepitition Constantrepitition
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1 Response May 20, 2012

I just wanted to say that I'd trade perspectives if I could with various people temporarily... Kinda like the classic city mouse/country mouse idea but on a deeper level... I don't for an instant think that I know what you are going through but it seems sometimes that everyone has things to overcome... I wonder when people look at me what they see... Some might see some elements of success... but everything comes at a cost... Sometimes its the simple things in life that are the best... Unfortunately, 'taking time to smell the roses' is overlooked...

That's true. I guess it;s just hard to look for the good in things that are so bad.